PU Leather Organizer

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3D laser cut spiral notebook

3D laser cut spiral notebook

The cover of 3D laser cut notebook shows some famous world landmark. 3D notebook will be as good souvenir for commercial use.

Paper Hard cover Relief Embossing Landmark Journal

Paper Hard cover Relief Embossing Landmark Journal

Special relief embossing technology to apply the artwork upon the paper hard cover journal. This relief effect will show 3D effect for the relief embossing artwork.


PU Leather Organizer | Paper Stationery Design and Manufacturing | Evarich (EGO).

Located in Taiwan, EVARICH International Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1997, offers PU Leather Organizer design and mass production to clients globally. Notebooks and journals made with FSC and OHSAS certifications. Paper stationery manufacturing with digital print proof machine, CTP machine, UV printing, binding and pdackaging.

Evarich (EGO) works with a lot of big famous brands in the market (65% in North American and 30% in Europe) including: Walmart, STAPLES, Indigo, Harrods, TARGET, and so forth.

Evarich (EGO) has been offering customers custom design and high-quality paper stationery, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, Evarich (EGO) ensures each customer's demands are met.

PU Leather Organizer

PUP 01-04

PU leather organizer with 4 colors printed artwork on the cover of organizer; the text includes calendar page, note page, address page and plastic name card holder; the inside of back cover has one paper pocket that will be easy to collect the documents.
The inside has 6 ring open binder for holding the calendar, note name card and document and the inside page can be replaced for new page and new calendar.



  • The cover of PU leather organizer: 4 colors artwork printed on the PU leather cover with elastic band for closure and one pen holder
  • Theme of design of PU leather organizer: Color life
  • The size of PU leather organizer: 12.5cmX18.5cm
  • Text of PU leather organizer: calendar, note page , address page , 2 name card holder and one paper pocket
  • Binding way of PU leather organizer: inside with 6 ring open binder for hold the inside pages that can be replaced
  • The item no is as order:
  • PUP01/PUP02/PUP03/PUP04